GoBananas Esports

GoBananas Esports is founded by the entrepreneur Edvin, alias “eddhedd”, and social media influencer Maxim, also known as “BananaGaming“.

Both have experienced esports storied history since it’s inception. With their friendship strengthened by their mutual love for gaming, and both having ‘one foot in the door’ of the esports scene, they had a solid foundation for an esports organisation.

The unique sales point of any sport is entertainment, and esports is no exception. GoBananas puts emphasis on this through media, sick bantz, and even in our name.

“A team is more than five players.”

GoBananas goal is to conduct itself as a team with a focus on player rights, as the love of the game is our prime motivator. Our integrity as an organisation is based on the happiness of our players and community. 

Our core principals are:

– Fair contracts

– Player focused finances

– Entertainment


k0lty · pupcake · L9gic · ZeakON · Rozen

Experience in ESEA Main division.
Swedish Elite Series
Qualified to play in the Swedish Elite Series.
Coach & Influencer Support
BananaGaming x GoBananas
All Things Equal
Brought in the first female player ever into the Swedish Elite Series